I'm Right, You're Wrong, I'm Right, You're Wrong,
Now What?

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They happen everyday—those circular “I’m right, you’re wrong!” arguments. At home, at work, or on the street, people lock horns about all kinds of things. These situations frustrate both parties, stall progress, and hurt relationships. But they don’t have to. In his latest and most detailed book on LEAP (the Listen-Empathize-Agree-Partner method first developed to convince people in denial to accept help), Dr. Amador shows you how to stop arguing, start listening and persuade your adversary—and that is what even loved one’s become during disagreements about who’s right and who’s wrong—to give you what you need.

Stop arguing and LEAP to break the impasse!
Dr.Amador's most detailed book on LEAP to date - gives you the tools and strategies to:
- diffuse anger and lower defenses
- get past stubbornness and even denial
- ask for your opinion, instead of argue against it
- get stalled negotiations moving again
- turn adversaries into allies
- create positive and productive relationships that get you what you need

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