LEAP Training/Consultation for Families & Professionals July 2017

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July 13th & 14th, 2017

INSTRUCTIONS: 2 Steps to Register!
Purchase number of days, Day 1 LEAP Training and/or Day 2 Personal Consultation, you want to attend (if applicable, purchase also for each person attending with you ).

AFTER YOUR PURCHASE, Check your INBOX and forward the receipt you will receive to Tess.Nopper@LEAPinstitute.org and tell her which day(s) you have purchased and for how many people. Please be very specific and include names (see below).
(Quantity purchased = 1) Email should read: "I will attend Day I only.”
(Quantity purchased = 2) Email should read "I will attend Day I and Day II.”
(Quantity purchased = 3) "I will attend both days and my colleague/relative [NAME] will only attend day 1.”
(Quantity purchased = 6) "Three of us are coming for both days [NAMES]”

More Information

Day 1 ($450): You will learn/review the LEAP method for communicating with loved ones/patients with serious mental illness. The main goal is to either repair broken relationships and/or build on trusting relationships to help the person accept treatment and services. Day 2 ($450): Reserved for private consultations with myself and Tess Nopper to discuss your specific needs and goals. This consultation can sometimes occur on day 1 if needed. After the consultation we offer follow-up and ongoing support and peer supervision.

This event is only open to ten families/Clinicians (single or pairs) on a first-come first serve basis. In some instances, for families, a portion of the consult fee may be reimbursed by health insurance. We will assist as needed. After you register, if you have any questions, please contact Tess Nopper, LMSW at Tess.Nopper@LEAPinstitute.org. Pre-registration questions should be directed to info@LEAPinstitute.org. Please NOTE: The price listed above is for each individual family member.

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